WAM Get Involved Our Community Response

We are building community resilience in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in response to the coronavirus crisis. This is a challenging time for everyone. We want to help local people to support one another and provide essential services to people who need it.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and WAM Get Involved are working with key local partners and organisations so that we have a coordinated effort across our borough to organise volunteers and those who need help.

Get Involved by…

Sharing messages on-line

Become a COVID – 19 Good Neighbour.  Just get involved in your local neighbourhood

The elderly and less-abled among us will require close support. There is an enormous amount of community willingness to help and support them. We have developed a quick and easy 6-point cycle to help mobilise our communities into action – ensuring that those who are in-need are quickly found and supported.

What you can do: Share the message
We want to spread this message via social media as quickly and easily as possible, maximising the opportunity for communities to respond before isolating measures reach their peak. Please share the following image

Read more about this image here Please use the hashtags #helpaneighbour #beatcovid

Requesting help

If you are currently isolated at home and need some practical support, please complete our Covid-19 community support request form or ask someone to complete it for you, and we will be in touch to connect you to a volunteer in your community.

The purpose of this form is to collect your contact details so we can help connect you to support from a volunteer in your community. We also ask some other questions to find out more about the kind of help you need.

Becoming a volunteer

Thanks for registering with us someone will be in touch or your details will be passed on to a community group in their local area .  You can also contact your local group directly who are supporting communities through COVID – 19 via this site


Keeping safe

Some things to remember to keep safe:

  • coronavirus (Covid-19) is contagious. Avoid physical contact and wash hands regularly
  • leave any items being delivered on the doorstep rather than going into someone’s home or inviting them in
  • share information on any allergies
  • we suggest that you don’t exchange bank details with other people in your community.
  • you should continue at all times to follow the advice being given by Public Health England

We know this is an extremely anxious time for everyone. We are heartened that our community in Windsor and Maidenhead is already pulling together and we will continue to work to build more resilience and be prepared

In the coming days we plan to link up with many more local organisations and groups so that we can build on the fantastic work already being done across the borough.

It is important that all our efforts to help those in need are organised through the local authority so that we can act in line with a spread prevention approach. We are working with our local NHS partners and many community charities.

This is your first stop to find out how you can get involved or access help.

For more information please contact